We seek people that are positive, passionate and dedicated to designing, implementing and demonstrating solutions for a sustainable future. Our current team consists of a variety of working professionals, interns and volunteers with a wide range of experience.

Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology (Kusamala) is a local, non-governmental organization that promotes household-level permaculture and agroecology systems in Malawi. Founded in 2009, Kusamala educates individuals and communities on how to improve nutrition, income generation, and environmental health. Through grants and programs, Kusamala conducts outreach, research, and advocacy with the aim to show the viability of permaculture as a local and national agricultural strategy. In a country where approximately 80% of the population are subsistence farmers, Kusamala demonstrates how local resources can meet human needs while improving quality of life both for people and the environment.

Current Openings:

Kusamala Board of Directors

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Kusamala is seeking interested individuals to join the board. Kusamala is led by a robust board of 7 directors who terms
are staggered so that they cycle off the board in stages every few years. Positions are voluntary without any
remunerations and are for a period of 3 years (with possibility of renewal). Board meetings are held in Lilongwe and
members are expected to attend four board meetings per year and be involved in some of the activities of the
organization between board meetings. Board members are diverse and bring a range of skills and experience to
Kusamala. We are seeking to recruit several potential board members and expect that different candidates will bring
a range of skills and experience to Kusamala.

General, willingness to:
• Fulfil the duties and standards of conduct required of a board member.
• Commit to the objectives of Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology.
• Interpret the organization’s work and values to the community.
• Represent the organization and act as an ambassador.
• Actively participate in fundraising for the organization.
• Promote permaculture and agroecology.

Experience in one or more of the following:
• Fundraising (e.g., from individuals, partnerships with business and/or civil society organizations, donor funding
and/or sales of goods and services).
• Lobbying policymakers and/or business and/or representative groups.
• Working for or with managers and boards in relevant sectors e.g., donor community,
• Media and communications or PR, including social media.
• Developing business models in organizations comparable to Kusamala.
• Board level experience, ideally NGO or company of a similar size to Kusamala.
Skills, Expertise & Knowledge valuable to the Kusamala board:
• Permaculture, Human resources and labour issues, Environmental issues, Finance
• Legal issues and Business development
• Strategic planning skills, Analytical skills, Ability to operate as part of a team

How to apply.
Please submit a CV and covering letter stating why you wish to be considered for the role, and how you meet the
relevant requirements list. Send to: BOD-Chair@Kusamala.org with copy to Info@Kusamala.org.

There is no deadline for sending your interest to serve; we will keep requests on file for when positions open.


Kusamala occasionally offers residential internships for qualified, motivated candidates based on our project specific needs and the learning goals of the individual. While we do not currently have any intern openings, if you have a specific project you would like to propose, please feel free to contact us.


Kusamala would like to partner with academic institutions, both nationally and from abroad, to conduct research into various aspects of permaculture and agroecology.

If you or your organization are interested in partnering for research purposes please contact us.


Currently we are only seeking volunteers who have specific projects that align with our organizational needs. We are not accepting general volunteers at this time. If you have a volunteer project you would like to propose, please contact us.

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