Malawi Mangoes Garden to Mouth

“Kusamala’s strength lies in their comprehensive, near encyclopedic, knowledge of local flora and experience with designing low-input systems. This skill set combined with our understanding of economics and expertise in irrigation meant that we were able to collaboratively develop a unique approach to food security in the face of climate change. Garden to Mouth is a testament to the power and potential of partnerships across private and public sectors.”
-Malawi Mangoes

From February 2015 to December 2015, Kusamala partnered with Malawi Mangoes acting in an advisory role on their Garden to Mouth initiative. The initiative aims to incorporate sustainable climate smart agriculture, nutrition, and income generation with the goal of delivering food and economic security. At the 1 hectare pilot site in Salima, our consultants provided design and implementation expertise essential for maximizing the nutritional potential of the land and providing 1 nutritious meal a day for all of the farm workers.


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