Tailor-Made Courses


Learn the basics of soil science to nurture healthy productive soils in your garden and fields. Topics include the importance of organic matter, the function of soil microorganisms, and soil colour, texture, and structure, nitrogen fixation, and water and soil conservation. Simple hands-on soil testing using qualitative indicators is also included.

Gardener's Course

Through a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on lessons, you will learn how to bring permaculture to your garden using a whole systems approach based on the fundamentals of permaculture ethics and principles. Topics include: seed sowing and propagation techniques, composting making, integrated pest management, and water management.

Organic Vegetable Production

Learn the fundamentals of organic gardening including useful techniques for growing a variety of vegetables. Topics include garden planning, plant selection and care, watering, seed saving and managing pests and diseases.


Learn the basics of beekeeping including apiary, hive, and colony management, honey bee development, hive types, seasonality, and harvesting and handling of honey. With practical hands-on sessions working with Kusamala’s hives as well as discussions of the importance of pollinators.

Water Management

Learn how to make the most of the water you have by slowing, sinking, spreading, and stopping water on site. Topics include water harvesting techniques, how to build swales, as well as water-wise gardening approaches including landscaping techniques such as simple drip irrigation, mulching, and strategic plant selection.


Learn about composting systems that can be used in the home, garden and staple field, including how to team with worms and microbes to turn waste into rich organic fertiliser. Topics include basic theory, how to set up and maintain a worm farm, how to deal with common problems, and hands-on demonstrations on various types of compost making.

Kusamala works closely with NGOs, CBOs, Schools and individual clients around Malawi to produce unique tailor-made courses. Tailor-made trainings cater directly to the needs of each client and can be organized for groups of various sizes either onsite at our demonstration centre or on location. We offer flexibility in course design to meet the specific needs of the requesting group or organization with trainings ranging from 1 day to 1 week or more.

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