Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology has this April finished consulting with Msalura Primary School on a 6 months reforestation and permaculture project which started in November 2015 with funding from UNDP. The main goal of the project, which targeted school pupils, teachers and community members, was to develop permaculture and reforestation activities for the Msalura Primary School and surrounding communities and to produce a positive impact on the local environment.

Kusamala led an intensive hands-on training on site analysis, mapping, garden and forest design, zone planning, and rain fed sustainable agriculture. Out of these trainings, participants created base maps and design maps for the school as well as 6 model households from 2 village permaculture clubs.


keyhole beds at the school campus

An orchard of 307 trees has been established at the school. Trees planted include custard apple, mango, papaya, orange, guava, tangarine, moringa and tree tomato. The proceeds from the sales of fruits produced in the orchard will help support the maintenance of the school permaculture garden. Additionally, many perennial crops adapted to Salima’s hot weather conditions, were planted at the school such as lemon grass, comfrey and roselle.



Members from the 6 village permaculture clubs are incorporating the permaculture practices and designs from the school garden and applying them to their home gardens and staple fields. We are optimistic that another proposed project to continue the work with the school and community will be approved in the coming months.

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