The 72 Hour Permaculture Design Course is a certification course based on an internationally recognised curriculum. The course be held over 12 days consecutively. Completion of the full Permaculture Design Course provides recognition as a permaculture design graduate and enables you to go on to study for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Most importantly, you will use your new way of looking at the world to design and transform your landscape as each participant will leave the course with a mapped design of a piece of land. Course participation and attendance in all classes is required in order to receive a certificate. In very few instances, arrangements can be made in the event of an absence from class.


  • Theory, Principles and Ethics of Permaculture
  • Methods of Design
  • Understanding Ecosystems
  • Pattern and Systems Thinking
  • Reading the Land Understanding Natural Processes
  • Large and Small Scale Land Restoration
  • Water Management (including water harvesting, grey water use, and earthworks)
  • Soil Rehabilitation and Erosion Control
  • Livestock Management
  • Gardens for Self-Sufficiency
  • Aquaculture, Aquatic Plants and Fisheries
  • Energy Conservation Technologies
  • Building Soil Fertility Naturally
  • Wildlife Management
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Invisible Structures: Alternative Economies
  • Natural Improved Building Strategies
  • Appropriate Technologies and renewable energies
  • Reafforestation
  • Food Forests, Plant Guilds
  • Windbreaks and Bushfire Control


Lead facilitator Alex Kruger has 15 years of experience in practicing and teaching Permaculture which began with training at Fambidzanai of Zimbabwe in 1993. Her experience base ranges from small scale community based work to large scale systems in a number of diverse of bioregions and climates. Training and materials development are her passion, as well as creating beautiful systems with groups of people. Alex lives in an intentional community, Berg en Dal, in the Klein Karoo, South Africa, where she currently spends her time teaching Permaculture and building her home from natural materials found on the farm.


Nature’s Gift Permaculture will draw upon is qualified staff to assist with this training. Together, NGP staff have decades of experience working in permaculture, are able to speak over seven languages, and at any given time represent at least three continents!


  • June 13th – June 25th

On each course day, class will begin promptly at 8:00 am and will continue until 4:30 pm. Sunday 19th June will be a day of rest and / or day tripping. Lunch and snacks will be provided for all course days. There will be three design night dinners provided as well.


Costs listed below include course fees, lunch and two tea breaks for the duration of the course. Also included are all design materials and a course manual.  Fees are payable in US$, ZAR, GBP, or MK at bank rates of exchange.

  • US$ 695.00


For on-farm accommodation we have obtained the following discounted rates from Kumbali Country Lodge and Kumbali Cultural Village. Please note: NGP and KGL / KCV are separate businesses.

Kumbali Cultural Village:

(Based on 14 nights accommodation)

  • Camping: US$ 70.00 p.p. (US$ 5 per night) (participant provides all equipment)
  • Hut: US$ 280.00 p.p. (US$ 15 per night)

Add US$ 10 for each Dinner and US$ 7 for each Breakfast at Kumbali Cultural Village

Kumbali Country Lodge:

(Based on 14 nights accommodation)

  • Single Occupancy: US$ 2,268 p.p. (US$ 162 per night) with breakfast included
  • Double Occupancy: US$ 1,386.00  p.p. (US$ 99 p.p. / per night) with breakfast included

Add US$ 25.00 for each Dinner at Kumbali Country Lodge

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to provide Permaculture training to anyone who wants it and do not want cost to be a prohibitive factor in participation on a PDC. Please contact us if you wish to donate money to sponsor someone or if you need sponsorship for this course.

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