Molly: “wow, that is big.”

Catherine: “yup, it can house up to 12 people.”

Marie: “and this was the small version.”

I think that pretty much sums up what is happening on the south end of the farm.  We are building a new house for the apprentices, as well as future guests and students.  It is a large structure with two bedrooms and a beautiful outdoor kitchen/dining area.  Construction started this week and is progressing so fast that I have to take pictures every few hours just to keep up.

Just north of the new house is the almost complete outdoor kitchen.  With a little outside help we have completed the framework and are just waiting on grass to complete the thatched roof.   Mike and Dan from our Implementation Team have been learning the roofing/thatching tactics from the pros and will soon be able to take care of all the farms thatching needs.   This type of thatching is not only beautiful, but keeps the house very well insulated and has a long lifespan.

Additionally, Benjamin will soon be able to build his long anticipated cob stove, large enough for Maureen and Rhoda to prepare all staff lunches in a comfortable, energy conserving way.  Stay tuned for the finished project!

Finally, our expansion of the water system is finally complete.  We have a new tap in the Residential Garden as well as two taps at Molly’s house.  The interns and staff designed a beautiful tap using recycled (or should I say “upcycled”) wine, beer and soda bottles.

In order to utilize all the water, a banana circle was constructed at the end of the tap.  This area is designed in a way to prevent mosquitos, utilize nutrients, and grow food.  It houses four bananas, one pawpaw tree, countless sweet potatoes and numerous bunches of lemongrass.  It also serves as a great demonstration that could be used at any borehole site around the country.

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