Kristof Nordin teaching during a Kusamala visit.


Kristof Nordin from Never Ending Food wrote a wonderful blog post summarizing the history of Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology.

As two organizations working to care for the people in Malawi it is important to forge collaborative friendships and we are lucky to have the kinship of Kristof and Stacia Nordin. Both our organizations believe in sharing knowledge and working together. We have brought many people to their demonstration site in Chitedze and likewise, the Nordin’s have brought friends, colleagues, and other organizations to see the work we are doing in Lilongwe.

True to these words, this week as part of a 3- month Climate Smart Agriculture training Luwayo Biswick, who is Never Ending Food’s former manager, will take them on a field trip to Chitedze to observe other designs on how to grow food sustainably.

Please visit Never Ending Food to see the work they have been doing for the past seventeen years and to learn about the history of Kusamala visit Kristof’s blogpost The Evolution of a Permaculture Center…from Nature’s Gift to Kusamala”




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