Yesterday at the farm we celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving in the traditional manner – with lots and lots of food. While none of our Americans could exactly remember the story behind Thanksgiving (and we have a good number of Americans right now!), we did all agree that it was an appropriate holiday to celebrate at the centre.

Over the past few months, Kusamala has been growing steadily, in terms of staff, projects, and demonstrations. We could not have done this without the motivation, dedication, and hard work of our staff, apprentices, interns, and volunteers. Thanksgiving being a holiday dedicated to expressing gratitude, we felt it was the perfect opportunity for thanking those whose time and efforts are crucial to our success and that make our work possible.

What better way to say thank you than with a traditional Thanksgiving feast!

Alison and Chisomo prepping mashed potatoes in the residential kitchen

Rhoda and Maureen readying the traditional Thanksgiving chicken

The buffet line

Thanksgiving in the classroom!

We would also like to take this opportunity to convey our appreciation for our many supporters all over the world – be it project partners, donors, former interns, volunteers, friends, family, or just those with a complimentary philosophy on development and agriculture – we thank you!

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