A tour of Lilongwe, of course!  We had our entire staff and most of their families attend.  We rented a bus and filled 3 cars to get everyone around.  Kids, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters.  We were quite the group!

Our first stop was at the President Banda Memorial, just outside town.  We had a tour guide explain each of the statues and their importance to the history of Malawi.  We then had a great group photo taken in front of the war memorial.

Our second stop was the airport.  Yep, Kamuzu International Airport.  Most of staff and their families have never seen an airplane up close, nevermind seen one take off or land.  This place is great.  Not only is there an observation deck that could accommodate all 60 of us, but we also got to see Liz’s husbands plane arrive.  I have to admit, I have never been so excited to see a plane take off 🙂  I was cheering as loud as the children!

After an awesome chicken and rice picnic in the airport parking lot provided by Chisomo’s mother, we headed back into town to the Game shopping center.  Sorry to say, we failed to get any pictures of everyone shopping.

Our last stop in town was the Lilongwe Wildlife Sanctuary.  Yes, the animals were nice to see, but the highlight of this leg of the journey was the playground.  I am pretty sure this was built for children, but that did not stop us from taking the place over.  There were people on swings, slides, the sewsaw and monkey bars.  Pure awesome.

Finally, we headed back to the center for a cookout and dance party.  We probably grilled about 25 kgs of beef, chicken and sausage.  After dinner the DJ showed up and the dancing commenced.

Overall, a night to be remembered.  How will we match this next year?


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