From November 11th the 2013 International permaculture congress (IPC11) begun with a series of activities lined up. The congress constitutes the following key events: Pre IPC International PDC, conference dinner and gala, international permaculture conference, visits to urban permaculture sites, Bananasconvergence, and permaculture tours.

The convergence starts on November 29th– December 3rd and the Los Cocos International campaign Cuban style base, will be hosting IPC 11 International Permaculture Convergence. The international permaculture convergence will be 5 days of presentations, lectures and meetings, discussions and networking among permaculturists from around the world. It is a unique opportunity for permies to share practical information, skills and inspirations and to build collaborations for the international advancement of the permaculture movement.

The international permaculture conference is an academic event of the international permaculture congress. The purpose of this conference is to open more visibility to the permaculture movement and what if can bring to humanity through rigorous scientific presentations, showing its development in several places of the planet, and the diversity of the practitioners and stakeholders.


Eston Mgala (Director of Community outreach at Kusamala), and Grace Chimphonda (Board member of Kusamala) are attending the congress. Eston will be presenting at the convergence on permaculture in Malawi. It is an exciting opportunity for all permaculture promoters in Malawi.


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