Buns & Chou Chou

Contributed by Daniel Schlupp

At the start of this month, I bought two local rabbits from our lead trainer extraordinaire, Luwayo Biswick. Eponyms of legendary Youtube personalities, Buns and Chou Chou dutifully munch on just about anything they’re fed. That includes stubborn garden weeds, grasses and fresh banana leaves. All of this food gets converted into manure which is then added back to the garden after composting to build soils.

The latest venture  is to move them out of their pen and into the garden via a moveable pen or type of rabbit tractor, which is basically the same idea as a chicken tractor. Rabbits are an example of small livestock that don’t require large inputs to produce products like meat and manure. They can be housed in relatively small spaces but do require some basic animal husbandry skills and agricultural sensibility to keep them healthy and productive. Along with our chickens and worm compost, rabbits fit nicely into a small garden system that creates its own source of organic fertilizer.

First foray into the residential garden.

First foray into the residential garden.

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