Well, the rains have come and along with it comes the farmer’s worst enemy: weeds.  So many weeds.  Because the field was left fallow last year all the weeds had a free for all and seeded and reseeded themselves like crazy.  The worst culprit is the sedge.  Not only is it prolific, but it is setting seed again already!  This is what the field looked like before the invasion of Kusamala weeders.

Our troops are on it.  May no weed be left standing.  When we all go out and weed together as a group, progress can really be made.  In 2 days we were able to finish the maize portion of the field and we have moved on to the groundnut beds.  Weeds in the sweet potatoes, consider yourself warned.  We will be after you next week and we are not taking prisoners (unless you are actually a nice plant to have around and if that is the case we may consider transplanting you.)

This is what the field looks like as the weeders go through.

Finally, mission complete.  Left standing is our crop (groundnuts) and our green manures for next year.  These two, pigeon pea and tephrosia (both legumes), will stay in the field after the cash crop has been harvested and will protect the soil throughout the dry season when most soils are left bare.

This is a pigeon pea that was planted last year.  This is what the whole field should look like next year before we chop them and till them into the soil to fertilize that years maize crop.


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