I am aware that this headline is shocking to most of our regular website visitors. The contributions made by Catherine to the success of Kusamala are so numerous to mention. Words can not express the love we at Kusamala have for Catherine. Sometimes its good to cry. This is what people at Kusamala had to say.catherine1

Marie: What will I do without my Catherine!?!  She was the one person I could leave my house and dogs to while on vacation and never worry that anything would go wrong (with the exception of an unavoidable trip to the vet for Spodie).  I knew she and I would always tackle the things around the center that no one else wanted to do, mostly cleaning and organizing.  She was especially good at filling the wood chip sack for the composting toilets someone will have to pick up the slack on that one!

Catherine and I also relied on each other, especially when it came to running errands in town.   Ask anyone around, Catherine and I in town were a force to be reckoned with.  We could hit 10-12 stores in one morning, easy.   You give us a list, we will find it.  If it wasn’t for her determination and sometimes pure will, area 2 would still scare the life out me.  Thanks to her, and some aggressive driving techniques, I can venture into areas and markets where azungu are few are far between, but pipe fittings and rubber stamps are plentiful.Catherine

Finally, I depended on Catherine to be my friend. Not just a work friend, but a real life friend.  I think it is great that we could stare at each other all day at work and still want to hang out and sew or knit in our time off.  If anyone is wondering, we specialize in “hot season chitenge pants.” Loulou, Spodie and I will miss you!  Maybe Loulou the most.

 Molly: Catherine Carlton was an integral part of the Kusamala team and we will miss her dearly. She has singlehandedly built our communications program, contributed greatly in the process of winning our biggest grant, and she works hard and passionately for what we do. I deeply respect and admire her, for her work and her integrity as a person. We wish her every success!

William: I will miss Catherine because she was a team worker and facilitator. And most of all Catherine had love for all staff members regardless of their positions and where they come from

Ephraim: It’s hard to say goodbye to a person with such great attributes and an amazing character- everyone can agree. Catherine was an important part of Kusamala and we are going to miss her big-time. Otherwise I just wish her all the best and a great future!!

Alinafe: The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heartDSC_0228

Sabine: It’s been such fun to work with Catherine! Her focused easy-going self paired with lots of passion for Kusamala’s mission and work has been a great inspiration. I wish her all the best for new adventures and hope we’ll meet again, maybe for some PV project?

Austin:We are sure going to miss you around here. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me, for the centre, and for Kusamala. You’ve done great things here, and I know you will do great things where ever you go.

Julia: Every time I had a question, you had an answer. Your leadership here was inspiring, and will continue at Kusamala even now that you’re gone. Good luck with everything, and keep cooking great food!
Bizwick: Catherine had a passion to transform poor Malawians from bums, idle and beggars to  self sustained prominent figures, able and in full control of there resources. She made sure that information  shared to the local Malawians is relevant to the problems they face and applicable at their level.
Chisomo: It has been a great experience working with Catherine. You have been a co-worker, friend, teacher, manager etc. You have taught me a lot Catherine. Your writing skills are amazing!!!! Good interpersonal skill and perfect communicator. You are great Catherine!!! I believe you will climb up to greater heights.

Kusamala Loves you!!!!!!!!!

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