The Chitedze group arriving at the Centre

In the Chitedze community Never Ending Food has been working for over 10 years to promote permaculture at the household level. Researcher Abby Conrad, who has been living and working at the Centre for the past 9 months, has found that their work has had a strong effect on the surrounding villages. Through her research into the effect that permaculture has on household nutrition, Abby found a number of households in the Chitedze area practicing various levels of permaculture.

As a thank you to the communities, Abby invited them for a tour of the Centre. Today 23 community members from Chitedze came to see another example of how permaculture can be implemented. Eston gave them a thorough tour of all of our demonstration sites and found the participants excited and motivated by seeing yet another example of permaculture in action.

We were happy to host such an enthusiastic group and hope to continue building our relationship with them in the future.

The group in Memo, which shows household vegetable production and a food forests

Eston discussing the use of permanent beds and mulching in our munda (staple field)

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