The Community Coordinator Workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture Started two weeks ago on January 20th. It’s a training workshop that combines lectures, field visits, on-site practical, participant observation, group discussions, and DSCN0903 assignments. The training workshop started by looking at current global and local situations, and thereafter, an introduction to permaculture. These sessions were led by Eston Mgala and then Luwayo Bizwick took over at the end of the week, and together with the coordinators they looked at the resources that are provided for by nature and are already within our reach and the proximity of the rural communities where they will be working. This resource identification session was climaxed by a visit to Never Ending Food. This visit sparked a lot of enthusiasm in the coordinators as they were able to see permaculture in rural households that surround the Never Ending Food. They have also been introduced to site analysis and design concepts in permaculture.





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