Yesterday, Kusamala staff enjoyed a special treat as our six apprentices used us as a test audience for their permaculture design presentations.

As the culminating project to their six-month apprenticeship, Kusamala trainers assigned each apprentice an area, either at the centre or at the apprentice’s home, in which they have been asked to create a permaculture design. To be considered for the design certificate, the apprentices’ designs must take into consideration various permaculture principles; these principles include, but are not limited to, energy efficiency, water management, soil health, airflow, sun patterns, slope, and environmental health. Of course the designs must also address human needs, such as food, fuel, medicine, and water.

The apprentices and their designs

The designs and presentations are an opportunity for our apprentices to really show what they’ve learned during their time with us – and we were all very impressed. Through their designs so far, the apprentices integrated various techniques, taking into consideration the resources and restrictions of their individual piece of land.

Through the designs included similar aspects and all included the basic permaculture “zones,” each apprentice tailored their designs to their needs and resources. Some included animals, some staple production, some wilderness, while others included space for socializing and enjoying the company of others. However every apprentice emphasized the importance of working with and learning from nature as a part of their design process.

The final design presentations will be during their graduation at the end of February. We are excited to see how their plans develop and evolve over the next month!

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