One thing can be said for living, working, and learning at Kusamala – there’s never a dull day! That has been particularly true recently, as we have a number of projects, activities, and events keeping us very busy.

Walking around the centre today, the different groups of learners clustered around our demonstrations were particularly indicative of the exciting happenings on the farm.

On the south side of the centre, all of the interns were busy learning about and building compost as a part of a self-organized, informal Pemaculture Design Course being held a couple of afternoons a week, from October to December.

In the true spirit of resource utilization, Benjamin, our very own super star intern from Uganda who joins us as part of our partnership with the Red Soil Project, has volunteered to teach the course for the other interns. The PDC is covering a range of topics – from soil fertility and water management to planning and design principles and much more. This exciting course is multi-purpose, providing our interns with a foundation in permaculture design, allowing Benjamin to further develop his teaching skills, and supplying the interns with knowledge that they can apply to their own individual projects. It’s a win-win-win situation for all!

On the other side of the centre we found our apprentices practicing building spiral beds. The spiral beds are an interesting design that efficiently utilizes space, creates a variety of microclimates, increases edge (where life and activity happens!), and is visually pleasing. After they’ve perfected their design and building techniques, these spirals will be perfect placed just outside of the kitchen where the fresh herbs can be conveniently harvested at meal times.


The apprentices are learning and working at the centre as a part of our six-month permaculture apprenticeship program. For more information see our project page.

For more information on our international internship and volunteer programs, please visit our opportunities page.

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