This past week twelve staff family members piled into the centre truck for a visit to Never Ending Food in Chitedze. The participants spent the day touring the Nordin’s home permaculture centre, which they have been developing for the past decade. The group saw successful examples of zones one, two, and three as well as composting toilets, water management practices, and kitchen gardens in the homes surrounding Never Ending Food.

They then traveled to a nearby village to see the family house of Luwayo Biswick, Kusamala’s operations manager. For the past three years Biswick has been experimenting with implementing zones one and two in the small bit of land surrounding his home. He has created a small food forest that is now able to provide his family with produce year round. They even have enough to share excess fruit and vegetables with their neighbors, many of whom have begun experimenting with permaculture practices at their own homes.

The inspiration for this visit came from our staff who had made a similar visit to Chitedze in June. They found it so motivational that they requested that their family members be able to make the same trip. Through our project partnership with the Red Soil Project we were excited to offer them this unique opportunity.

Through this project we are training our staff and their families in permaculture design and implementation with the goal of creating a network of household level permaculture demonstration sites in Lilongwe rural communities. Visiting successful home permaculture sites in Chitedze has further motivated and inspired them to begin their own.


For more information on this project please visit our project page or explore our blog.

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