The Apprentices are fully engaged in their Permaculture curriculum and have been putting what they are learning into practice around the farm.  Biswick and Eston have been keeping them busy with lectures, practicals and group assignments that fill their days.  Not only are they attending classes, but they are practicing by teaching each other.

Mercy, Grace, Kondwani, and Paul

Kondwani leading the class








Grace and Mercy learning in our commercial garden

Before and after class they are helping in the gardens, making compost, weeding, planting and taking care of the chickens.  Although they are technically the students, they have been working with and sharing what they are learning with staff members around the farm as well as the other way around.  As our staff continue the Red Soil Project and build their own capacity as permaculturists, they are helping to teach the apprentices using their own experiences on and around the farm.


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