Biswick leading the morning portion of the training

Today Eston and Biswick led the first in a series of six full day permaculture trainings for our staff members and their families. The trainings are the first stage of a new project Kusamala is launching in partnership with the Red Soil Project, and NGO based out of Canada.

Through this project the staff will gain a thorough understanding of permaculture practices and principles and will learn how to design and implement household level permaculture gardens. The end product will be small scale demonstration sites at each staff home that can be used as education tools and staff members with the capacity and knowledge to act as teachers and change agents within their communities.

The first day of training covered the basics of permaculture, including lessons on permaculture ethics and the six-zone structure.

We are all very excited here at the Centre to see this project take off. It is our strong belief that our staff members are our most important assets. We believe that investing in them is the best way to strengthen our organization and further our goals of improving livelihoods, nutrition, food security, and the environment in Malawi.

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