What’s more encouraging than a group of young people who are proactive and vibrant in safeguarding their future?

Whilst others are dreaming and talking about a better future, learners at Kangóma primary school have taken a step ahead and are making efforts to ensure that the environment in future will be in a better state than it is today. Building on the ILUD project of the RESCOPE programme, Kusamala donated 200 trees which were planted at Kangóma primary school on Tuesday, 5thFebruary, 2013. 80 of the trees were Moringa which has high nutritional properties and can be used as ndiwo (vegetables), or made into a powder and added to other vegetables and also porridge. 50 of the trees were Msangu and another 50 was Mthethe, both of which fix nitrogen and improve soil health and fertility. The remaining 20 were papaya trees, the fruits of which are high in vitamins A and C and the sap of which can be used to treat skin infections. All these were planted around the school.

The planting was done by teachers from the school, learners, and community members, which included chiefs, staff of Kusamala and apprentices from Kusamala. Grace Davison, an apprentice at Kusamala demonstrated how to plant the trees and then on all the participants proceeded to plant their own. What’s even more encouraging is the fact that the learners are excited to plant more trees even at their homes and committed to ask their parents about planting trees around their houses. This is a good example of a generation that is ever mindful of the role that the environment plays in the lives of people. It is an example of a generation that will break through the chains of mediocrity and begin to wake up each day and work hard towards achieving a future that is desirable.

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