The 72-hour Permaculture Design Course is a certification course based on internationally recognised curriculum. Completion of the Full Permaculture Design Course provides recognition as a Permaculture Design graduate and enables you to go on to study for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Most importantly, you will use your new way of looking at the world to design and transform your landscape into health and abundance.


  • Theory and principles of design
  • Methods of design
  • Understanding ecosystems
  • Pattern and systems thinking
  • Reading the land & understanding natural processes
  • Large and small scale land restoration
  • Water management
  • Soil rehabilitation and erosion control
  • Livestock, green manures and farmer’s trees
  • Intensive vegetable & fruit production
  • Food forests & plan guilds
  • Windbreaks and bushfire control
  • Energy conservation technologies
  • Appropriate technologies and renewable energies
  • Wildlife management
  • Integrated pest management
  • Natural & improved building strategies
  • Integrated systems design for human settlements


Lead Facilitator Kristof Nordin has 12 years of experience of practicing and teaching permaculture which began with his service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Kristof is well versed in the use of traditional Malawian plants and is especially knowledgeable in the linkage between agricultural production and nutrition. Over his many years of living and working in Malawi, Kristof has honed his facilitation skills to be specific to the Malawi context. He lives near Chitedze and spends most of his free time with his daughter Khalidwe and wife Stacia.


Nature’s Gift Permaculture will draw upon its well trained and experienced staff to assist Kristof in the facilitation of this course. NGP trainers come from all over the world, including Malawi, and have over 20 years of combined experience practicing and teaching permaculture.


The course will be conducted in English with Chichewa & Chitumbuka translation available for clarification of points. Participants should have a strong command of English.


  • Module 1: April 11th – 16th (with arrival on April 10th for those needing on-farm accommodation)
  • Module 2: May 2nd – 7th (with arrival on May 1st for those staying on the farm)


Upon successful completion and with full attendance, participants will receive a certificate of attendance which highlights the areas of competencies and which is recognised by the international permaculture community.


All prices are quoted in US$ and payable in MK. Please note that Kumbali Cultural Village and Kumbali Country Lodge may use a different rate of exchange than Nature’s Gift Permaculture. A 50% deposit is required to hold a place on the course. Registration closes on Wednesday April 7th.


  • $495 includes lunch and two snacks per course as well as a training manual and all materials necessary for in class designing.


For on-farm accommodation with Kumbali Country Lodge and Kumbali Cultural Village, we have obtained the following discounted rates:

Kumbali Cultural Village:

(Based on 14 nights occupancy)

  • Camping: US $70 per person (US $5 per person / per night)  (campers must provide all necessary equipment)
  • Traditional hut: US $280 per person (US $20 per person / per night)

Add US $12 for each dinner and US $5 for each breakfast at Kumbali Cultural Village

Kumbali Country Lodge:

(based on 14 nights occupancy and includes breakfast)

  • Single Occupancy: US $ 2,268 per person (US $162 per person / per night)
  • Double Occupancy: US $ 1,260 per person (US $90 per person / per night)

Add US $25 for each three course dinner at Kumbali Country Lodge

PLEASE NOTE: We aim to provide permaculture education to anyone who wants it and do not wish cost to be a prohibiting factor. Should you wish to sponsor a participant or should you need sponsorship please contact us directly

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