What luck!  A pipe that runs water from the river to the State House for irrigation and landscaping has cracked right in Biswick’s backyard.  And, according to Eston, they will not get around to fixing it for a long, long time.  If only I had a flow meter…

So, what are we doing with all this water?  First things first.  We need to keep the mosquito population in check.  In order to do that, we need to get the water flowing in a way that allows us to utilize the water for none other than food, fish and ducks of course!

With a force of Interns, Malawians and our favorite Ugandan, Benjamin, we dug our first pond upstream of a field that we will eventually flood irrigate.  As a bonus, while digging we came across a huge mass of concrete that turned into an island!  How chic.  Maybe our duck can live there?!?

Downstream from the main pond (we will control the water levels using a board system) we built a lovely road crossing using big and small stones.  This will prevent the road form washing out as well as provide vital bird and bug habitat.

Below this we are further directing the water to yet another pond that will have fish and serve as an irrigation point for the medicinal garden and food forest.  Finally, we will have an outlet into a mango grove.

All that good karma is finally paying off.


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