Last week we had the sixth and final day of the Red Soil Project staff training! Eighteen staff members and their families completed the introduction to permaculture training over the past three months. The courses included modules on permaculture ethics and principles, soil health and fertility, water management, plant guilds and functions, designing and implementing permaculture systems.

Each graduate finished the program with their own plan to implement permaculture gardens at their homes. Kusamala and the Red Soil Project will be supporting them as they embark on this new adventure, giving them technical advice and moral support as they experiment with these new processes and practices. Some have already started preparing and planting beds around their houses!

The final day of the trainings ended with songs, dances, a delicious lunch, and a graduation ceremony. The staff were all excited and supportive of each other, cheering for every person who completed the program.

It was a very inspiring and hopeful day for the staff and all of those who have dedicated their time, energy and resources to this project. We’re all excited to see what they do with their training and skills!

For more information on this project visit our project page.

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